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Maintaining focus on your career plan and goals is very critical during these tough economic times. Many people in today’s business are turning to a career coach to help them focus on themselves and prepare for their next career move. Whether or not you have a job now or are recently laid off, it’s the perfect time for a career coach to help you with your career development.

As a certified corporate leadership and career coach, Coach Dan has been providing expert coaching to his employees and clients for over 29 years. His many years of experience in manufacturing, engineering, banking and client driven businesses give him a wide range of expertise in leadership development and career coaching. The key to any successful endeavor is the confidence and determination of the client. Coaching assesses the needs and develops the inherent strengths of the client. The success of the coaching program is determined by what the client gains from their investment.

Career Coaching Process:  Like any business decision, you have to look at the value of an investment and its return. The same thing goes for selecting a career coach. You and your coach need to have an honest and true relationship to receive the most from your investment. When you hire a career coach, the work begins with assessments and goal setting. Coach Dan recommends taking the “Now Discover Your Strengths” assessment. It’s a great $20 investment to learn what your strengths are and how to leverage them.

Success is driven by how much you work at your career plan.  If you are laid off, you should expect to spend full time finding your next job.  For those who have been maintaining some form of career plan and are looking to fast track themselves into the current job market, the 3 month fast track program is for you.

Client Successes:  “I was getting close to retirement and Dan helped me realized I was not “retiring”, just making a late career change. He has a proven track record for making career change happen”.

“I was fed up with my company and where I stood on my career options. I used my coaching sessions with Dan to talk about the pros and cons of the different jobs and realized how many true opportunities I had inside and outside the company. I am more appreciative of having a good career planning process and now find myself in the best career of my life.”

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