On The Spot Coaching ™


Sometimes stuff happens and you need help right away. That's when On The Spot Coaching ™ comes in to play.


You can’t always plan your need for coaching around a busy schedule or project deadlines. Stuff always happens to get in the way but you know the value of your coach and need them now. On The Spot Coaching™ was developed just for those situations.


You were getting ready for a big meeting with the boss and you need a confidence builder. You got a call from the board room and they need you in 15 minutes to discuss your project. Whatever the reason, you can count on your coach to help you right now and guarantee success. It’s like having a coach in your ear piece, purse or pocket.


On The Spot Coaching™ comes in a variety of forms like a quick phone call, email or text message. Your coach is experienced enough to quickly understand your situation and give laser like coaching services from career planning , project management, changes in strategy or difficult employee situations.


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