Successes Stories from Extraordinary Clients

  • Many things were changing in my career and Dan helped me keep my perspective. "He kept me from stepping off the corporate ledge". Barbara Black, Collections Manager, Wells Fargo
  • The most important benefit of the coaching experience is that it helped me become more aware and confident in my abilities (strengths).
  • Coaching gave me the confidence and knowledge to be the manager I'd like to be, through focused discussions and guidance on how to work through difficult employee issues.
  • I was getting close to retirement and Dan helped me realized I was not “retiring”, just making a late career change.
  • I learned how to manage my manager. By managing him I was able to better communicate goals and accomplishments.
  • Dan helped me work through my overall career plan, helping me to set reachable goals and gaining the skill set to revisit my plan throughout my career on my own to ensure I'm on the right track. It helped me move into the next stage of my professional career.
  • I learned the difference between coaching to achieve employee performance versus managing to achieve employee performance. Coaching has led to more effective interactions with my managers that report to me. It is also led to their input in driving the outcome, as opposed to me making all of the decisions and directing what the outcomes are. I learned how to turn things over to the people who work for me and ask them how they think it should be done, as opposed to me directing all the time.
  • The benefit will be realized throughout my career by my ability to be a better leader to my team and to make more informed career decisions, given my increased skill set.
  • We did a session with my coach facilitating with the members of my management team. This was very powerful and created a sense of cohesion among my managers and supervisors. We created a new team vision from that session.
  • The development I see in the supervisors and managers benefited from my coaching experience.
  • The coaching was invaluable. Dan is a fantastic coach.
  • I learned how to be a leader/manager during my coaching sessions. 6 months later, I was promoted to VP.
  • I took on a very critical new role in the business that was going to advance my career and provide many challenging opportunities for growth. Dan helped we get through those challenges and I now am prepared for my next critical role in the division.
  • During one of our session we were talking about traits of well known leaders. Dan challenged me to come up with my own leadership traits and we created a new model together called “Lean into Leadership”. This model helps me understand where I stand on the leadership spectrum and what my opportunities are.
  • I was on my way out taking another position with another company. I used my coaching sessions to talk about the pros and cons of the different jobs and realized I was in a really great place to begin with. I am more appreciative and have found new opportunities to expand my career.